What is a deal-breaker?

Is a deal-breaker really a deal-breaker?

If you think you understand what a “deal-breaker” or a “non-negotiable” is, let’s find out if you’re right.

What are your top deal-breakers? Ready… go!!

Ready for your next question? What would happen if you found someone who was PERFECT in every single way, BUT they possess one of these deal-breakers? What would you do? Would you really dismiss them because of that ONE thing? If so, OK – you’re right on. That’s a legit deal-breaker. If not, time to think again. That’s not a deal-breaker, that’s a preference.

“What’s an example?” you ask? Let’s take… location. So you live in Dallas. Your friend invites you to a fun company party at one of the big, fancy hotels and you go. While there, you meet this AMAZING person and you totally hit it off. They’re perfect – everything you’ve been searching for. You talk for hours and you can’t imagine not seeing them again… they feel the same way. But then… you find out they’re from Cincinnati. Didn’t see that one coming. They’re just visiting, they have a business meeting. What do you do? If you’re still up for seeing them again, maybe distance is negotiable. Or in the very least, it’s not a deal-breaker. If you’re no longer interested because of this ONE thing, maybe location is a deal-breaker after all.

Does that help? Sometimes it’s good to sit back and analyze what is negotiable and what’s not. If your list of deal-breakers is a mile long, and you’re really sticking to that list, you may be getting in your own way by making your search SO narrow that no one will ever pass your pearly gates. If you complete this exercise with all of your non-negotiables and keep them all, maybe you need to next analyze why…