What does dating a business person really mean?

So, You Want to Date a Pro?

Professional, that is…

So you’ve been through the ringer with the wrong partners. Many times. You’re over the dead beat, low-lifes that are going nowhere in their life, and you’re ready to date the successful professional who has everything going on for them. Sounds like a revolution, and the idea of dating this kind of person is something new and foreign. So what now? Well, date a professional, right? Unfortunately it’s not that easy.

Why not? Shouldn’t it be? Let’s think about this for a minute.

Put yourself in this “professional’s” shoes for a minute. What does your life look like? Your day? You work a lot of hours and come home, what do you want when you come home? You’re probably attending fancy work functions, or at least business functions. What kind of person do you want to take to these functions? Who are your friends, and what do you talk about? What do you do in your free time?

Chances are, this “successful” professional is looking for someone specific as well. Is it you? Maybe. There are questions that only you can answer for yourself. Would you enjoy their life-style? They’re most likely gone a lot, working a lot. When they come home, they probably just want to relax. They may not like to go out, and if they do it’s most likely not to the clubs or a bunch of bars, but rather to a nice restaurant. They utilize a lot of energy throughout the day, so they don’t do drama or high-maintenance. Most likely, their friends are people they work with, or at least people with similar work schedules and interests. Are you open to learning new things? With genuine interest? They’re gone a lot, so are you secure enough to be fine on your own? Are you trusting enough to know that they’re working and not out cheating on you?

The key in pursuing a relationship with someone with a life-style that you’ve never experienced is to put yourself in their shoes and think about what kind of partner YOU would like if you were them.